Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Vito Acconci Reaction

I chose to write my thoughts on the first Paragraph of Vito Acconci Reading because that paragraph was the most interesting to me. I like his view on time, how it once was something public, unrestricted but now it have evolved into something more private. He talks about how at one time, time could be viewed in the streets and in your neighborhood which in a sense connected everyone because they shared the same time, again it was public. But once time left the "Streets" and found itself on the wrist of the people the connection that time once created was broken. Time was not public anymore and now the people lost the link that connected them together.

I believe that if this article was created more around my era, "Time" could be allusion to human interaction. How before things such as social media, text, and cellur phones was introduce into the public, interaction between each other was just that, public. Majority of interaction between people was face to face, not behind computer screens or words of a phone. That the interaction between people went from being something that connect us because it was "Public", now that connect have become more "Private" that connect we once had is nearly depleted

Or, he could just be talking about how wrist watches became very popular. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mart Biemans

Mart Biemans is a 20 year old Vector Artist from the Netherlands. He poped up on the scene at the age of 14  and since than been showing the world of Vector Artist that he can hang with the big boys. He stated that his art start off as a hobby but once he got recognition he started to take it more seriously even though he been creative since he was a child drawing on the wall. 

 One of his favorite piece is called Discovering of Inner Thoughts. He did this piece for an online an online art collection. The theme was to create something that gave or portrayed the concept of after life. He decided that he was going to show someone thing about death since that was the first thing that came to his mind. He admit that it was challenging and did not come out the way he originally seen it but he was very proud of the outcome. 

The reason I chose Mart was very much simple, I enjoyed his work more than the other Vector Artist that I looked at. I cannot quite put my finger on it but, he work is just amazing to me and the fact that he is so good a such a young age make me enjoy it even more. 

I'll admit that I do not have a definite answer on why I like his work other than it just draw me in to it, but I know that this kid got some skill and he has made a fan out of me.